Cookies Policy

MSIG Indonesia Cookies Usage:

MSIG Indonesia hereby informs the Customer, that MSIG Indonesia uses cookies and technology on the MSIG Indonesia website to collect and store certain types of information about the Customer. This information includes technical data, such as Customer's IP address, browser type, access time, website user behavior, domain name, as well as information about Customer's visit to the MSIG Indonesia website. 

The purpose of gathering this information is to:

  1. Maintain MSIG Indonesia services quality 
  2. Gives you a better experience while on the MSIG Indonesia website 
  3. Give you the specific ads about MSIG Indonesia products that are more interesting and relevant

Based on the Financial Services Authority Circular Letter (SEOJK) Number 14 / SEOJK.07 / 2014 concerning Confidentiality and Security of Consumer Data and / or Personal Information, it is related to collecting and storing certain Information about Customers, with this MSIG applies the following procedure: 

  1. MSIG Indonesia has requested advance permission from Customers in using Cookies to collect and store certain types of Information about Customers. 
  2. MSIG Indonesia has notified the Customer regarding the purpose of MSIG Indonesia in data collection and storage.
  3. MSIG Indonesia will give a prior notice and explain its purpose to the Customer should Customer data will be shared to other parties.
  4. MSIG Indonesia hereby provides an option for the Customer to be willing to provide their data. Customer’s rejection does not invalidate the Customer's right to access other features on the MSIG Indonesia website.