Terms and Conditions

MSIG Indonesia Website Terms of Use

  1. Rules of Usage
    • The rules below apply to all users of PT Asuransi MSIG Indonesia’s website (“website”).
    • This website and everything in it is owned and maintained by PT Asuransi MSIG Indonesia (“MSIG Indonesia”). This website provides users with access to information and material online. This website also contains text, images, graphics, logos, buttons and other content, and provide access to certain software used in connection with navigation and utilisation of uses offered through this website.
    • Hereby, MSIG Indonesia grants you permission to access and use this website as specified in the terms of use, with the following conditions:
      1. You agree not to change or modify any part of this website.
      2. You agree not to access this website through technology or other means that are not permitted, other than user interaction invited by the website itself.
      3. You agree not to use or open any automated system, including but not limited to, "robots," "spiders," or "offline readers," who access this website by sending a request message to the server of this website for a period of time certain more than ordinary humans can do in the same period using conventional web search engines. But contrary to the foregoing, MSIG Indonesia grants permission to search engine operators only to the extent that material on this website can be searched publicly, but not cache or archive of that material. MSIG Indonesia has the right to cancel these exceptions in general or in certain cases. You agree not to collect or take personally identifiable information, including account names, from this website, or use the communication systems provided by this website (for example comments, emails) for the purpose of any commercial request. You agree not to collect, for commercial purposes, users of this website.
      4. You will implement the terms and conditions in these rules of use, and all rules and laws that apply locally, nationally, and internationally.
      5. MSIG Indonesia has the right to discontinue any aspect of this website at any time.
      6. You agree not to use this website for other commercial purposes, other than with written approval from MSIG Indonesia. Prohibited commercial uses include the following actions taken without the written consent of MSIG Indonesia:
        • Sell an access to websites or other related services on other websites.
        • Use of websites or other related services for the primary purpose of earning advertising or subscription income.
        • Sell advertisements, on this website or targeted third parties to fill this website.
        • Use of this website or other available services which, according to MSIG Indonesia, at its sole discretion, use MSIG Indonesia's resources with a competitive effect or change the target of any content or product or service features on this website.
    • By using and/or visiting this website, you agree and accept (1) the following terms and conditions ("User Rules"), and (2) information security guidelines, (3) privacy provisions, (4) limitations of liability and (5) applicable law and dispute resolution, which can be found at www.msig.co.id. If you do not agree with these terms, or notice a privacy warning, please do not use this website. This website is operated by PT Asuransi MSIG Indonesia ("MSIG Indonesia"), through various agencies and service providers.
    • You are a truly an authorised party and truly capable and competent to follow the terms, conditions, obligations, affirmations, representations, and guarantees specified in the Terms of Conditions, and to comply with and fulfil these Terms of Conditions.
    • The following restrictions and conditions apply specifically to your use of content on this website:
      1. The contents of this website, including without limitation, text, software, scripts, images, photos, sounds, videos, interactive features and other content or content and trademarks, service marks and logos contained therein, are owned or licensed for MSIG Indonesia, relating to copyright and other intellectual property rights in law.
      2. You can access User Submission only for MSIG Indonesia's corporate information, business activities and MSIG Indonesia's products as expected under normal use from the website.
    • You agree to defend, compensate for, and not endanger MSIG Indonesia, branches, officers, directors, employees and agents, from and against all claims, damages, bonds, losses, obligations, costs or debt, and expenses (including but not limited to attorney's fees) arising from: (i) use and access to this website; (ii) your violation of all provisions in these rules of use; or (iii) violations of any third party rights, including but not limited to copyright, trademark, publicity or privacy rights. This defence and indemnification obligation will maintain your rules of use and use of this website.
    • MSIG Indonesia has a right to terminate the user's access to this website if, under appropriate conditions, it is determined to commit repeated violations.
  2. Security Guide Information
    • The administrator of the MSIG Indonesia website never asks for personal data, account names and passwords via e-mail or personal messages.
    • All official emails from MSIG Indonesia use the domain "@id.msig-asia.com". If there is another account in the name of MSIG Indonesia that uses a domain other than "@id.msig-asia.com", please ignore it.
    • This security guide is an official appeal and is not a guarantee that you will be free from all online crimes.
  3. Limitation of Liability
    • MSIG Indonesia is not responsible for all risks and losses arising from and in connection with information written by Users.
    • Under no circumstances the website user will pay MSIG Indonesia losses and/or prevent MSIG Indonesia (including officers, directors, employees, agents and others) from any costs of loss, loss, expense or damage resulting from claims or claims of third parties or parties others arising from User violations of the rules of using the MSIG Indonesia website and/or violations of the rights of third parties or other parties.
    • MSIG Indonesia is not responsible for any risks and losses arising from (I) errors, errors or inaccuracies in content, (II) personal injury or property damage, of any kind, due to your access to and use of our website, (III) unauthorised access to or use of our server network and/or all personal information and/or financial information stored therein, (IV) interruptions or termination of any transmission to or from this website, (IV) bugs, viruses, trojan horses, or the like which may be transmitted to or through our website by third parties, and/or (V) any damage or failure in all content or for loss or damage arising from the use of any content posted, emailed, transmitted, or available through this website.
  4. Applicable Law and Dispute Resolution
    • These rules of usage are implemented and subject to the laws of the Republic of Indonesia.
    • If there is any dispute, before switching to other alternatives, the user must first contact MSIG Indonesia directly in order to be able to negotiate or deliberate to reach a resolution for both parties.
    • Before contacting MSIG Indonesia directly to negotiate the resolution of problems or disputes, the user agrees not to announce, make writings in online or print media including but not limited to social media related to a quo issues that can corner MSIG Indonesia (including officers, directors, employees and agents).
    • If within 30 calendar days after the start of negotiations or deliberations a resolution is not reached, MSIG Indonesia and the User will resolve the dispute through the South Jakarta District Court.
    • During disputes in the settlement process, users are obliged to continue to carry out other obligations according to the rules of using MSIG Indonesia.