Cargo Insurance

Claim Procedure

Step 1.

Mitigate loss/damage & collect information

  • At the occurance of the loss/incident, take necessary steps to minimise further loss or damage to the goods.

You may assist and cooperate with our appointed surveyors during the course of their survey.

  • Please check the natural of loss or damage to these classification: 
    1. Non Delivery 
    2. Loss / damage (other than non delivery exceed US$ 5,000). This identification should conduct independent surveyor.
    3. Loss / damage (other than non delivery not exceed US$ 5,000)
Step 2.

Notify us & submit document

  • Notify us by phone at (021) 2523110 (Hunting), (021) 2522771 or Fax at (021) 2524084, 2524083 during working hour (Mon-Fri, 08:15 -17:00 WIB).
  • Immediately notify carriers and/or other liable parties for the loss and/or damage and invite them for a joint survey, if necessary.
  • Request the carrier to issue the damage or shortage cargo report.
  • Submit supporting documents requested by us.
Supporting documents for Cargo claim

You can help us to expedite your claim by providing the required documents promptly.