Commercial Insurance

Protect the things that are important

We realize that your personal assets are not just objects, but your connections with your family, friends and dreams. That's why we go up and out to pay attention to all that you care about.


Stay protected against loss of or damage of cargo during transit.

Cargo Insurance

Provides coverage against any loss and/or damage to the cargo caused by various kinds of risks during transit for export/import (by sea and air), interisland, and inland.


From your premises to the machinery and assets within, leave nothing uncovered with our range of insurance plans.

Fire Insurance

Covers loss of or damage to the insured property and/or interest such as building, inventory, stock, equipment, and machinery caused by Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Impact of Falling Aircraft and Smoke.

Burglary Insurance

Burglary Insurance basically covers the property or any part thereof belonging to the Insured or held by the Insured in trust or on commission and for which the Insured is responsible, whilst contained within the Premises as described in the Policy.

Moveable Property Insurance

Covers the interest from all type of risks or accident that could make damage/loss to your interest.

Money Insurance

Money Insurance provides compensation to the Insured in the event of money being stolen either from his business premises or while it is being carried to or from the bank.

Property All Risk/Industrial All Risk Insurance

Property All Risk/Industrial All Risk Insurance offers a solution and gives peace of mind as it protects your business assets from any disturbance. This insurance provides protection against material loss and business interruption for all risks other than those excluded in the policy.


Your company vehicles are expensive assets of the trade. Keep your business going by protecting them from various risks.

Motor Vehicle Insurance

Covers your motor vehicles against loss or damages.

FlexPro U-Drive

Motor vehicle insurance bundling with advance telematics services.


Manage your legal liability arising from daily business operations.

Liability Insurance

Provides coverage of the Legal Liability against Bodily Injury and Property Damaged of the third party caused by the fault or negligence of the Insured.

Comprehensive General Liability Insurance

Provides protection to the Insured against the risk of claims from third parties due to bodily injury and property  damage caused by business operations, products, or injuries that occur in place of business.

Financial Lines

Protect yourself and your business against professional liabilities and cyber-risks.

Director & Officer Liability Insurance

Provide protection to the directors and officers of a company with regard to the possibility of legal liability for personal liability that can arise in carrying out their duties.

Cyber Insurance

Protection against liabilities that arise from data and information protection, including investigation, extortion and cyber-crime elements.

Trade Credit Insurance

Protect your business from the risks of non-payment and insolvency of accounts receivables both for commercial risk and political risk (for your export transaction only).


Get comprehensive coverage from all manner of construction and engineering-related claims.

Contractors’ All Risks (C.A.R) Insurance

Protect construction works from ground zero until completely built.

Erections’ All Risks (E.A.R) Insurance

Protects machinery during installation period

Machinery Breakdown Insurance

Protects machinery against loss or damage due to operation.


Cover your unmanned aerial vehicle/drone against accidental damage, theft, and third party liability.

Drone Insurance

An insurance specialized for unmanned aerial vehicle/drone that provides protection against damage including theft of your unmanned aerial vehicle/drone, third party liability, and additional protection against the risk of personal accident for approved drone pilots.