Collaboration in Sustainability, MSIG Indonesia and Kodim 0502/JU Created Vertical Garden

Inaugurated Vertical Garden
MSIG Indonesia together with Kodim 0502/JU inaugurated vertical garden

MSIG Indonesia continues to maintain its commitment to contribute to environmental sustainability. This was implemented in collaboration with Kodim 0502/JU by building a vertical garden or green area in the Kodim 0502/JU area. In this collaboration, MSIG Indonesia provided assistance in the form of 60 m2 of synthetic carpet, 60 m of water pipes, 700 plant seeds, and one pack of organic fertilizer.

The construction of the vertical garden is one of the measures to reduce the high level of air pollution. It is considered an effective solution due to its location, which is very close to the port, has heavy traffic, and is surrounded by manufacturing industries. The vertical garden located in the area of Military District Command 0502/JU was inaugurated on September 21, 2022 by the Commander of Kodim, Colonel Inf. Frega F. Wenas, together with MSIG Indonesia, which was attended by: 
•    Vice President Director, Mr. Bernard P. Wanandi
•    Director, Mr. Bambang S. Soekarno
•    General Manager and Manager

Vertical Garden Inauguration Plaque

Director of HR & LD MSIG Indonesia, Bambang S. Soekarno, said in his speech that MSIG Indonesia is always committed to realizing a sustainable life by conducting activities that have an impact on the balance of the earth. This is implemented through various corporate social and environmental responsibility programs, one of which is the establishment of vertical garden.