Motor Vehicle Insurance

Motor Vehicle Insurance

Product Description

Product Description – front page

Covers your motor vehicles against loss or damages.

Key Features

  • Covers Motor Vehicle for hull damage due to accident and collision during ferry crossing, and damage to tyres due to accident.
  • Expandable with Third Party Liability, Personal Accident for Passenger and/or Driver, Strike, Riot, Civil Commotion, Terrorism, Sabotage and Earthquake.

Plan Highlights

  1. Comprehensive Cover or Total Loss Only (TLO) Cover expandable with TPL & PA, and other extensions with territory and jurisdiction in Indonesia.
  2. Extension can cover Strike, Riot, Civil Commotion, Terrorism and Sabotage.
  3. Excludes war, embezzlement, over-loading and nuclear radiation. 

Plan details



Comprehensive Policy covers the loss of or damage to the Motor Vehicle by:

  • Hull Damage
    Comprehensive Policy covers total or partial loss of or damage to the motor vehicle due to the risks stated above.
  • Third Party Liability
    Indemnity against the financial consequences of his liability at law for all damage caused by or in connection with the motor vehicle belonging to third parties.

Total Loss Only (TLO)

  • Loss or damage, of which repair cost be equal to or more than 75% of the actual value of the Motor Vehicle or
  • Loss by theft and not found within 60 (sixty) days.


  1. Personal Accident for Passengers
    Insurance protection for the Passenger of the car (death and disablement due to traffic accidents only).
  2. Personal Accident for Driver
    Insurance protection for the Driver of the car (death and disablement due to traffic accidents only).
  3. Strike, Riot, Civil Commotion, Terrorism and Sabotage (S.R.C.C.T.S).
  1. Loss of or damage to non-standard equipment not stated in the Policy schedule.
  2. Embezzlement.
  3. Loss or damage due to malicious actions committed by :
    • The Insured or his/her child or spouse.
    • Any person acting on behalf of the Insured.
    • Any person working for the Insured.
    • Any person within the knowledge of the Insured.
    • Any person living with the Insured.
  4. Loss or damage as a consequence of:
    • Towing or pushing another motor vehicle, racing purposes, tuition in driving, carnival or parade, or to commit a crime
    • Overloading or driven by force
    • Driving in a damaged or technically unsafe condition
    • Being driven by a person not holding a valid driving license (S.I.M) or under the influence of alcohol or any other drugs
    • A nuclear reaction or radiation
  5. Loss or damage directly or indirectly caused by natural disaster or war.
  6. Loss or damage to any part or material of the Motor Vehicle due to wear and tear, or any inherent vice of that part.
  7. Other exclusions as defined in the Insurance Policy.
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