Moveable Property Insurance

Moveable Property Insurance

Product Description

Product Description – front page

Covers the interest from all type of risks or accident that could make damage/loss to your interest.

Key Features

  • Covers moveable items/property such as office equipment (i.e. computers, copy machines, fax machines, telephone machines, etc.)
  • A “made-to-order” type of insurance that can be adjusted to your need

Plan Highlights

  1. Covers mobile phone, notebook/laptop
  2. Basic coverage of object insured in Indonesia territory, outside country apply T/C

Plan details


All risks of fortuitous accidents arising out of causes other than those specifically excluded in the Policy.

  1. Loss or damage resulting directly or indirectly from war, civil war, revolution, riot, strike, civil commotion and terrorism.
  2. Loss or damage resulting directly or indirectly from earthquake, volcanic eruption and tsunami.
  3. Loss or damage resulting directly or indirectly from wear and tear, rust, mould, deterioration, discolouration, loss or damage due to rats or vermin.
  4. Nuclear explosion and radioactive damage.
  5. Wilful misconduct or gross negligence of the Insured.
  6. If the property is processed or worked upon (excluding repair), loss or damage occurring after the commencement of such processing or similar work; unless fire ensues therefrom.
  7. Mislaying, Misplacing or Mysterious loss.
  8. Loss or damage due to fraud or embezzlement.
  9. Electrical or mechanical breakdown; unless fire ensues therefrom, or such breakdown is a result of some accidental happening of external origin.
  10. Other exclusions as defined in the Insurance Policy.


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