Trade Credit Insurance

Trade Credit Insurance

Product Description

Product Description – front page

Protect your business from the risks of non-payment and insolvency of accounts receivables both for commercial risk and political risk (for your export transaction only).

Key Features

  • Protect your business from risks arising out of account receivables of trading.

Plan Highlights

Protect your business from the risks on: 

  1. non-payment, 
  2. insolvency of account receviables from commercial risks, and
  3. political risks (for export only).

Plan details

Additional Coverage
  1. Temporary Accommodation
  2. Removal of Debris
  3. Architects, Surveyor and Engineer’s Fee
  4. Fire Extinguisher Cost
  5. Fire Brigade Cost
  6. Minor Alterations and Repair
  7. Capital Addition
  8. Leakage of Water/PDAM & Gasses/LPG
  9. Personal Effect of Servant.
  1. Cash transactions / sales based on Letter of Credit (secured terms)
  2. Future shipments for any overdue account(s) past maximum extension period (MEP)
  3. Inter-company sales 
  4. Disputed invoices until the dispute is resolved
  5. Deliveries to buyers with overdue accounts past MEP ad on start date (State of Default)
  6. Currency exchange fluctuation 
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