Provides coverage against any loss and/or damage to the cargo.

Provides coverage against any loss and/or damage to the cargo caused by various kinds of risks during transit for export/import, inter island and inland.


Basic Coverage's

  1. F.P.A (Free From Particular Average)
    This condition does not covered partial loss of the goods/cargo, unless the vessels or craft
    be stranded, sunk, burnt or collided.
  2. W.A (With Average)
    Covers loss of or damage mentioned under F.P.A condition and also caused by heavy
  3. All Risks
    This insurance is against all risks of physical damage to the goods/cargo caused by external and fortuitous events such as theft, breakage, non delivery, etc.

Also available coverage under:

>> ICC (C) 1/1/82 --> F.P.A
>> ICC (B) 1/1/82 --> W.A
>> ICC (A) 1/1/82 --> All Risks

Basic Coverage's

  1. War Risks
    War Risk in marine cargo insurance includes not only the risks caused by war like operations
    between nations but also the risks occurred by social disturbance such as civil war, rebellion
    or revolution. (Damages caused by use of nuclear weapons are excluded).
  2. S.R.C.C. Risks
    Institute Strikes, Riots and Civil Commotion Clauses cover physical losses or damages
    caused by strikers, locked-out workmen or persons taking part in labor disturbances, riots
    or civil commotion.

Note : The premium rate for War and SRCC is to follow the standard rate from The War
Risks Rating Committee Cargo & Air, London (subject to changes any time).


  1. Willful misconduct of the Assured.
  2. Inherent vice of nature of the goods insured.
  3. Insufficient packing.
  4. Ordinary loss
  5. Delay.
  6. Other exclusions as defined in the insurance policy.