2019 would be the 7th consecutive years for MSIG Indonesia to be involved in Jak Japan Matsuri festival, a cultural festival which presents Japan and Indonesia culture, especially Jakarta’s. The festival not only parades traditional culture yet pop culture as well, as a way to maintain friendship between both countries.

From time to time MSIG Indonesia always brought a similar themes which related to its flagship products, however for this moment, MSIG Indonesia has prepared an unprecedented theme to Jak Japan Matsuri. MSIG Indonesia will bring a message about the importance of Biodiversity preservation to Jak Japan Matsuri 2019, in order to implement company’s sustainability mission "Protecting Biodiversity for a Sustainable Future”.

MSIG Indonesia realizes the importance of Biodiversity role in human life. Respectively in Indonesia, as the lungs of the world. Therefore, as an insurance company who cares about environmental sustainability, MSIG Indonesia would like to invite the community to jointly protect the Indonesian Biodiversity owned for we believe this will have a great impact not only for Indonesia yet the entire world as well.

Various creative games have been prepared by MSIG Indonesia's booth committee to keep visitors not only entertained but also reminded of the obligation to protect Biodiversity. Moreover, the visitors also had the opportunity to get eco-friendly souvenirs with trendy designs for free.

For those of you who don't have any plan to spend the weekend or looking for exciting and educational activities with family, be sure to visit MSIG Indonesia booth at Jak Japan Matsuri 2019 on September 7-8, 2019 at GBK Senayan.

Let's protect Biodiversity for a sustainable future with MSIG Indonesia.

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