Do you like writing and care about environmental issues? Let’s join our writing competition to support a better future for our beloved Earth!

2021 Blog Writing Competition

The COVID-19 pandemic, which has been ongoing until now, has taught us many things, particularly environmental issues, which in fact, have a huge impact on human life. A number of experts stated that the COVID-19 pandemic that we are currently experiencing is closely related to the damage to natural ecosystems on Earth. Scientific publications say 60 percent of EID (emerging infectious disease) comes from animals and 70 percent are originated from wild animals. For example, HIV is known to originate from chimpanzees. Stated by Matthew Burton as Director of the USAID Indonesia Environment Office.

"The corona virus is another example of a pathogen that comes from animals, which can be transmitted to humans. Most of these viruses infect animals, but some are transmitted to humans. This causes disease outbreaks such as SARS or MERS, ”added Matthew.

The Ebola outbreak has been linked to the hunting or exploitation habits of several bat species that carry the virus. Deforestation is also linked to the Ebola virus, due to closer human contact with wildlife. In the Amazon jungle, deforestation increases the prevalence of malaria because deforested forests provide ideal habitat for mosquitoes.

"It is no coincidence that ecosystem damage is associated with a significant increase in the number of infectious diseases. An intact ecosystem provides protection for humans. New infectious diseases are often caused by damage to natural ecosystems and changes in human activities, "he explained.

Dr. drh Joko Pamungkas, Lecturer at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Researcher of PSSP-IPB, said that there are several things that trigger disease transmission from wild animals to humans. "Among other things, deforestation, changes in the agricultural industry, habitat degradation, and habitat fragmentation. Everything brings wildlife to humans. This is related to their instinct to survive so that they invade other neighborhoods and settlements, ”he explained (quoted from

And, how about you? Do you think COVID-19 is closely related to natural ecosystems as expressed by environmental experts? How far does the environment play a role in human life and what can we do to prevent it gets worsen?

We encourage you to participate in our blog writing competition which will be hold from March 10 to April 27, 2021. Not only will you have the opportunity to take part in advocacy of the environmental protection, yet also have the opportunity to win various attractive prizes in this competition. Check out the following details of the competition:

Theme: Pandemic and Biodiversity Conservation


1. Do you think COVID-19 pandemic and the destruction of nature ecosystem are closely related?

2. What can we do to prevent the next pandemic?

Period: March 10 - April 27, 2021

Winner announcement: 25 May 2021


• 1st winner is entitled to get Mi Robot Vacuum

• 1st runner up is entitled to get Huawei Watch Fit

• 2nd runner up is entitled to get Google Nest Mini


  • Participant must the article links on their respective social media.
  • Participant must follow MSIG Indonesia's social media accounts
Facebook Fan page : @msigid
Instagram : @msigid
Twitter : @msigid
  • Participant must use the specific keywords arranged by the organizer in the blog article and include the MSIG Biodiversity campaign website link in the article.
  • The article should be informative and using a correct Bahasa Indonesia grammar and do not offend ethnicity, religion, race, and inter-group relations.
  • The article must not lead any opinion to ambush certain parties including government, private companies, individuals or specific groups.

Assessment parameters:

  • Theme aspect: suitability of the article to the competition theme and the originality of the writing idea (30%).
  • Quality of content: the depth of the message and the impact of the writing on the public (30%).

Creativity: layout content, theme selection and compatibility between writing, photos and graphics.

Originality: the ability of the author to create their own and unique works, according to writing criteria, not adaptation / plagiarism.

  • Language style: the presentation and writing structure used and the content have information value (20%).
  • Quality of Service: language usage and quality of content (20%).

Keywords that must be used:

  1. Keanekaragaman hayati
  2. MSIG
  3. Edukasi
  4. Bumi
  5. Pelestarian lingkungan
  6. Untuk masa depan yang lebih baik
  7. Generasi mendatang
  8. Asuransi Umum (Asuransi Umum adalah Asuransi yang memberikan ganti rugi kepada Tertanggung atas kerusakan atau kerugian harta benda)
  9. Pandemi COVID-19
  10. Melihat arti lebih dalam segala hal

Send your writings to

We look forward to your participation as one of the ways to build a sustainable future for all of us!

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