How to Deal with Floods during Pandemic?


Rainy season is the season we have been waiting for after a long dry season. Rainwater is expected to be able to fertilize dry soils and replenish groundwater supplies. However, we should also vigilant during this season, especially if you are living in a flood prone area or has a bad culvert system, high intensity rainfall certainly carries the risk of flooding.

Moreover, floods that occur during a pandemic can make things more difficult than before, because in addition to the risk of disease caused by flooding, the risk of COVID-19 is relatively higher due to the low implementation of health protocols during flood evacuation.

Therefore, we need to mitigate all the risks that may occur in this rainy season, especially for those of you who live at a flood-prone residence. Here are several things you should do in an effort to deal with floods during a pandemic:

  1. Put your valuable documents in a safe place

Make sure you keep documents and other valuable items in a cupboard or the highest place that is not reached by floods. This is done so that important letters and documents are not submerged or damaged when the floods strike. Especially when you are not at home when the flood comes.

  1. Secure power lines and electronics

Make it a habit to unplug electronic items from the socket to avoid the risk of electrical short circuit.

  1. Prioritize sick family members, the elderly and children

Extra help is needed to save sick families, the elderly and children when a flood occurs. Therefore, make sure you have provided medical equipment, such as first aid kits, buoys, rubber boats and prioritize sick families, the elderly and children to evacuate.

  1. Secure furniture made of fabric material

It is better if you get information about the coming flood, immediately secure furniture made of fabrics such as sofas and mattresses to a higher place, since it will be very difficult to fix such items if it is submerged in flood water.

  1. Prepare instant food supplies and multivitamin at home

It is undeniable that floods can block access to anywhere, including our access to buy a food. So it is important to stock up on instant food so that when you and your family are stuck in your house you don't get confused, let alone starve. However, we should also balance the instant food we have consumed with multivitamins intake, so that our immunity is maintained and protected from viruses or bacteria, particularly in the rainy season.

  1. Prepare emergency medicines, spare masks, hand sanitizers and disinfectants

In addition to closing food access, floods also block access to medicines and our protective equipment from the COVID-19 virus. Therefore, make sure you have sufficient reserves of personal medicines, spare masks, hand sanitizers and disinfectants at home.

  1. Prepare a sump pump at home

A sump pump is a special device which effective to suck water in the house and distribute it to other places. Usually, this pump is used to remove flood inside the basement of the building. If you feel necessary, you can buy and prepare this pump at home as precaution measurement.

  1. Evacuate to a private area, clean and safe from flooding

Aside of the 7 tips above, one of the important steps to deal with floods is to evacuate to a private, clean and safe place from flooding. A pandemic situation creates a higher risk of transmitting COVID-19 in public evacuations. If possible, it would be better if you and your family can choose a place that is more private, clean and safe from flooding, such as the second level of the house or even hotel before the flood occurs. Also make sure you have important numbers such as RT and RW numbers or the fire department to the relevant SAR team if you need urgent assistance.

  1. Discipline in implementing health protocols anywhere and anytime

Remember that we are still in the midst of a pandemic situation, so make sure you and your family always implement health protocols, wherever and under any circumstances.

Once again, prevention is better than curing. Taking the precaution steps above may be able to alleviate the effects of flooding, however it would be even greater if you prepare yourself with Home Shield Insurance from MSIG Indonesia, since this insurance provides you with a variety of comprehensive protection for your property, especially when unexpected accidents come. To find out more about Home Shield Insurance, click here.

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Stay safe and healthy !

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