Is personal accident insurance right for you?


While personal accident insurance is usually recommended for everyone, some people may have more reasons to invest in it than others. Are you one of them? Read on and follow the flowchart at the end to find out.

You’re the main breadwinner of the family.

Having a large and/or young family means carrying a huge responsibility on your shoulders. In the case of any unfortunate accident, they will be left to fend for themselves. Not only that, any medical bills incurred in the accident will also place a heavy burden on your spouse and children. While personal accident insurance may not reverse the emotional impact caused by any accident, it can go a long way in alleviating the financial impact on your family.

Your job consists largely of manual work.

Operating machineries? Handling repair works? Workplace accidents are common for jobs that require lots of manual labor. Even if you are not required to do it yourself, your job may require you to be in places with more hazards such as a construction site or a machinery factory.

Tip: If helmets, safety gloves and safety boots are a large part of your job, investing in personal accident insurance would be a wise option.

Your employer does not provide PA insurance.

Not all employers include personal accident insurance as a company benefit. Therefore, it is important to always check—especially if no mention was made before. If you’re employed on a contract basis, chances are that you would not have personal accident coverage. And if you are self-employed, the responsibility to protect yourself falls on you entirely.

You have an active lifestyle.

While an active lifestyle is a great way to keep healthy, it is not without risks. Your regular weekend soccer game could put you at risk of a broken leg. Even if you’re extremely careful, you can’t affect the actions of others who may be less so—one bad tackle and you may be out of work for months without salary. Hence, if sports are a mainstay in your weekly activities, you could find that personal insurance accident could come in very handy.


Not sure whether you need personal accident insurance? Here’s a useful flowchart for you to find out!  




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