MSIG Indonesia CEO Achieved Top 100 CEO 2021 Recognition by Infobank

Top 100 CEO 2021


Mr. Tsutomu Aoki, CEO of MSIG Indonesia, was included in Infobank's list of Top 100 CEO after being considered successful in meeting three criteria, namely visionary thinking, expertise in facing challenges and orientation in leadership.

In November 2021 edition, Infobank announced Top 100 CEO of financial services companies who have been recognized as having successfully led their companies through the economic downturn and market uncertainty due to the pandemic to continue to maintain the company's good performance and provide services to its customers.

Reported by Infobank, there are three criteria that are seen in determining successful CEO. One, having a pragmatic way of thinking and having a clear vision and knowing how to realize that vision. Two, likes challenges and has the courage to be unpopular, then has experience in solving problems. Three, no longer thinking about himself and only oriented to one goal, namely how to make the organization he leads succeed.

MSIG Indonesia CEO, Mr. Tsutomu Aoki or as his employees know him better as Ben san, was listed as one of the CEOs who received this recognition. Through directives and messages that continue to be conveyed to all levels of MSIG Indonesia staff, he brings his employees together to face and overcome challenges that come and go.

On the success achieved, Mr. Tsutomu Aoki conveyed, “I'm honored to be selected in the list of Top 100 CEO 2021. I am grateful for the great efforts of all the staffs of MSIG Indonesia to support me to make MSIG Indonesia better. We are excited to take further steps together!”