MSIG Indonesia for a Greener Indonesia

MSIG Indonesia for a Greener Indonesia

Asuransi MSIG Indonesia just started a Biodiversity activities campaign. As part of the campaign, together with its employees, MSIG Indonesia held an educational activity to discuss the importance of Biodiversity to an elementary student on Tuesday, November 12th 2019 at SDN Grogol Utara 01 Jakarta. Moreover, MSIG Indonesia will also conduct the same activities at two other schools, which SDN Karang Tengah 07 Bogor and SDN Rancagong 01 Tangerang. Beside those educational activities, MSIG Indonesia has done a workshop about eco living lifestyle for the employee, so that they can implement it in their daily life.

As the insurance that sees the heart in everything, MSIG Indonesia recognizes the urgency to protect Biodiversity on the earth, not only for the future of the earth instead for us and our generations to come.

This campaign is aligned with MS&AD Holdings Group commitment, which implemented on the mid-term plan “Vision 2021” to support United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. As well as the preparation for the execution of POJK Nomor 4/POJK.05/2013 which obligate all financial services institution in Indonesia to plan and implement sustainable financial action plan.

Bernard P. Wanandi, Vice President Director of MSIG Indonesia, stated that this activity is one of the ways MSIG Indonesia as a company and part of the Indonesian community to preserve nature through efforts to preserve biodiversity that aims to instill the mindset that our lives are highly dependent on diversity living on this earth. The economic, social, political and future survival of the nation will not be separated from the role of biodiversity in it. Therefore, in addition to the reforestation efforts initiated by Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co., Ltd, our parent company in Japan, for the Paliyan wildlife reserve, Yogyakarta since 14 years ago, this educational effort is an equally important stage. The following excerpts, "As part of Indonesian society for 44 years, we together with all MSIG Indonesia employees will strive to create the next generation of Indonesians who care and respect the environment".

In this campaign, MSIG Indonesia collaborates with Hutan Itu Indonesia, an environmental community that strives to foster a sense of love for forests in urban communities. This positive movement is in line with our vision set forth in this environmental campaign. Through working with the Indonesian Forest, MSIG Indonesia wants to ensure that this campaign is supported by parties who truly have a concern for biodiversity so that it does not only run in the right corridor, but also has a significant impact on society at large.

Christian Natalie, Hutan Itu Indonesia Program Coordinator stated, “We are delighted to learn that private sector also willing to empower the community, particularly children, as we all understand that Biodiversity education is very important for everyone including elementary student. We are appreciate that MSIG took a step and will always support in any kind of environment education, especially forest”.

Other than Hutan Itu Indonesia, this campaign is also supported by Gerakan Nasional Orang Tua Asuh (GNOTA) who acts as an advisor for us to decide which schools are befitting for this campaign as well as the best way to communicate with students in diverse background so that the message will be delivered effectively.

In the educational activity at elementary schools, we organize a series of interesting and educational activities such as story-telling about biodiversity that aims to provide an understanding of biodiversity in ways that are fun and easily understood by children; decorating used plastic bottles to train children's creativity while at the same time teaching the value that is still owned by used goods; and tree planting activities with MSIG Indonesia's employees.