Claim Motor Vehicle

We commit to provide our valued Policy Holder with the best quality of claim services through prompt and responsive claims service.

These guides are designed for your convenience to file an insurance claim.

For enquiries on your insurance claim, you can contact us at (Mon-Fri 08.00-17.00):
Hunting: (021) 2523110
Motor: (021) 5201269
Non Motor: (021) 2522771 
Fax: (021) 2524084, 2524083

For 24 hour emergency service, please contact (021) 29279636

Procedure Motor Claim

Own Damage Claim (Comprehensive Coverage)

You can make an Own Damage Claim towards loss / damages sustained to your vehicle on your own policy, if your vehicle is protected by a comprehensive motor insurance policy.

  • Contact Claim Hotline to notify us of the accident immediately.
  • If your vehicle sustained accidental damaged and require to be repaired, send your vehicle to our appointed workshop. A Claim Note can also be generated there for your completion (For Comprehensive Motor Policyholder Only).
  • Fill, complete and sign the Claim note accordingly, and submit together with copy of the required documents
  • If your motor insurance carries an excess, you will have to pay the excess
  • Once the repair is finished, you will be required to check your vehicle and sign a Customer Satisfaction to enable the workshop to release the car to you.
  • Police Report is required wherever third party is involved and/or theft case.
  • In the situation of Own Damage – Total Loss, the following documents are also required upon acceptance of our indemnity offer. (See Documents)

Theft Claim

  • Report to the police within 24 hours as required by Law and obtain a copy of the police report.
  • Notify us  immediately
  • Fill Claim form and complete all required documents
  • You and your driver/custodian are required to co-operate with the Adjuster/Investigator or any personnel who may be appointed by us to conduct the investigations.


In addition to the information or document listed above. We may ask for more specific documents for consideration as to conclusion of this claim.


If you are involved in an accident:
1. Do not panic. Call our Emergency Number as soon as you can.
2. Write down the vehicle number, name and address of the other driver or other third party, if any.
3. Ask for the insurance company and policy number of the other vehicle.
4. Do not assume any liability or responsibility for the accident.
5. Contact the nearest police station, if necessary.
6. Report the accident to Mitsui Sumitomo Indonesia office as soon as possible.

24 Hours Emergency Call Service: 021-2927963

Kinds of Document Damage T.P.L Stolen/ Theft Heavy Damage
Copy Insurance Policy 
To fill up Motor Vehicle Claim Note Form
Duplicate Key, Original of STNK & BPKB, Purchasing
Copy of STNK  
Copy of Driving License
Local Police Report (Polsek)
2 pcs of blank receipt, one of them is a stamped
and signed + Company chop
Photos of the damaged vehicle
Other documents, if necessary