Protecting Biodiversity For a Sustainable Future

Biodiversity is the amazing variety of living organisms and natural ecosystems on Earth. It is fundamental to thriving ecosystems which provide us with vital resources like food, water and medicines. However, this richness of life is under severe threat. As an insurance company that sees the heart in everything, we recognise the need to protect biodiversity, not just for the future of the planet, but also for ourselves and the generations to come.

At MSIG, our core mission is to contribute to the development of a vibrant society and help secure a sound future for the planet, by enabling safety and peace of mind through the global insurance and financial services business. The importance of aligning our corporate activities with the interests of the world is key to ensuring sustainable societies and our very existence. Discover how we are starting on our sustainability journey in the region—with a focus on biodiversity—to ensure that we have a thriving society and a planet for the future generation. Click here to watch the video.

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