MSIG Indonesia Blog Writing Competition

Theme                           : Earth and Biodiversity preservation

Topic                              : What kind of effort have you made to protect the earth and the biodiversity?

Competition Period        : December 16, 2019 - January 30, 2020

Winner Announcement  : February 3, 2020

Prize                              : 

Competition Requirement :

  1. Obliged to share blog article links on participant’s respective social media.

  2. All participants should follow MSIG Indonesia social media (Facebook Fan Page : @msigid , Instagram : @msig_id)

  3. Must use required keywords in the blog article and include the MSIG Biodiversity campaign website link in the article.

  4. Articles should be informative by using good and correct Bahasa Indonesia and not allow to raise up any SARA content.

  5. Creativity : layout, material content, theme selection and harmony between writing, photos and graphics.

  6. Originality : the writer’s ability to create their own and unique writing, according to the competition criteria, and also not an adaptations or plagiarism.

Mechanism :

  1. Everyone is allow to join this competition including MSIG Indonesia employees. 
  2. Submit your profile data through the link below and send your blog article link to our Instagram or Facebook Direct Message feature. 
  3. The 3 best articles will win the prize and shall be contacted directly by MSIG Indonesia. 
  4. If the winner is living in Jabodetabek, the prize must be picked up at the MSIG Indonesia office Summitmas 2 Building 15th Floor Jl. Jend Sudirman Kav.15-16 South Jakarta 12190.
  5. Whilst, if the winner is living outside Jabodetabek, the prize will be sent to the address of each winner.
  6. Participant is required to put this website link in the blog article :
  7. Keywords which required to be used are as follow :

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