Dear Policy Holder,

Thank you insuring your valuable asset with us.

Your Motor Insurance Policy together with the application form and the schedule, become the entire contract of insurance between you, the policy holder and us, PT Asuransi MSIG Indonesia.

Accidents are the major risk on public roads which can be happened due to driver’s negligence and sometimes the incident resulted in loss to another parties, such as crashing into vehicle, property, or even other people (bodily injury).

This third party legal responsibility in essence to add a sense of feeling safe and comfortable while you driving. This is why third party liability protection (TPL) is so important in your car insurance cover.

Here we provide an explanation of Third Party Legal Liability.

Third Party Legal Liability (TPL)
Is legal liability of the Insured against loss, suffered by third party followed by indictment to the Insured regarding the loss directly caused by the Motor Vehicle resulting from any risk covered by the policy, whether the settlement thereof is by compromise, mediation, arbitration or through court, subject to prior written consent of the Insurer. The coverage will be provided for third’s party property damage; medical expenses, bodily injury and/or death; maximum of sum insured for Legal Liability coverage against any Third Party as set forth in the policy for any one accident.

While the definition of Third Party shall mean every party not being the Insured, spouses, children, parents, and siblings of the Insured, people working for and under supervision of the Insured. In case that the Insured is a Legal Entity, then the Management, Shareholders, Commissioners and Employees shall not be included in the definition of Third Party.

The TPL cover will subject to additional premium which will be calculated based on the sum insured provided.

Subsequently, for your convenient, kindly review your policy to ensure that the coverage provided is suitable with your need. Shall there is any changes required on the information of your personal details, scope of coverage, or you need other information or clarification about term and condition of your policy, please feel free to contact us at 021 - 2523110 and we would be pleased to assists you.

Again, thank you for choosing us as your insurance solution.

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